Update Features of WPS Office on 1/9/2024

WPS AI Streamlines the Creation Process of Your Slides

Still struggling with creating slides? Now, all you need to do is input topic and choose preferred style, and WPS AI can help you generate unique and wonderful slides! In this latest update, WPS has also introduced hundreds of sets of WPSArt graphics, catering to your diverse usage requirements comprehensively!

PDFs Support Initials for Swift Document Confirmation

Now, WPS PDF introduces the capability to add initials, tailored for specific signing scenarios. This not only enhances signing efficiency but also maximizes the utilization of signing space.

PDF Supports Intelligent Association of Text Comment Content

Tired of repeatedly entering the same content? With the Text Comment feature, PDF now intelligently stores your frequently used content. Just input the first few letters, and WPS PDF will intelligently match and suggest relevant content automatically.

How to quickly complete the filling and signing in PDF?

- PDF Signing: Extract handwritten marks without pre-processing image backgrounds.

- Digital Signatures: Guarantee the security and integrity of signed documents through digital encryption.

- Smart PDF Forms: Recognize PDF forms automatically, simplifying the data input process.