Update Features of WPS Office on 09/02/2022

Batch Delete

- Now you don't need to manually adjust the content and format in your document. You can batch delete the blank content, separators, text formatting, and objects with just one click.

Smart Toolbox in Spreadsheet

Now you can use the feature-rich toolbox for tables:
- Batch insert text, links, and comments.
- Batch delete empty worksheets, empty rows, links, zero value, non-numeric text, and more.
- Autofill sequential letters(ABC), sequential numbers(123), and  Roman numeral sequence(ⅠⅡⅢ).
- Batch insert current date.
- Support case conversion, rounding, character scripts, formula to text, and more.
- Automatically create catalog for worksheets.
- Support quickly splitting text to columns by the number of characters, punctuations, and character types.

Convert to Image-Like PPT

- Now you can create an image-like presentation file, each slide of which will be a non-searchable and non-editable image. And all formatting and contents, such as texts and graphs in the original file, will be retained.

LaTeX Equation Editor

- Now you can create mathematical notation in your documents, spreadsheets, and slides with LaTeX Equation Editor.

WPS Photo(Beta)

- Now you can view over 20 image file formats.
- We added picture editing and printing features.
- You can manage photos in your computer with ease.

User experience improvements

- Programme stability improvements and bug fixes.